May 15, 2014: Year Recap!

It has been a successful year and we are glad to report back to you with our results from the 2014 competition.  Our gasoline vehicle was able to achieve a fuel-mileage of 372 miles per gallon!  Our vehicle ran 3 successful runs, totaling over 25 consecutive miles.  Regardless of our results, we are proud that […]



April 26, 2014: Competition Day 3 (Afternoon)

Day 3 was a success!  We completed 3 eligible runs, coming in with a top fuel-efficiency of 372 mpg.  We are proud of Gabi, our phenomenal driver, for withstanding the immense pressure and scorching heat during yesterday’s runs. Not completely satisfied with the results, we are currently trying to reduce the weight of the vehicle […]

April 26, 2014: Competition Day 3 (Morning)

WE DID IT!  We completed our second run, regardless that we completed 11 laps instead of 10.  We achieved 323.33 mpg, currently placing 15th out of the 20 teams that ran.  On our first run we completed 8 out of the 10 laps prior to the chain falling off.  We ran back to the paddock, […]



April 25, 2014: Competition Day 2 (Afternoon)

It has been a long, and brutally hot day.  After 2 unsuccessful practice runs, we determined that there was a complication with our throttle and our fuel injection system.  We took Eco1 back to the paddock and fixed our broken system.  Afterward we took a team picture in front of the Shell Eco-marathon backdrop!  We […]

April 25, 2014: Competition Day 2 (Morning)

Good morning! It is warm and sunny for the second day of the 2014 event. The morning began with an early meeting for drivers and team managers. Gabi, Tal, Julia, and Alex walked the racing track, pointing out any potholes or cracks to avoid. At 8:15 all teams were asked to bring their cars to […]